A downloadable game for Windows

This demo is in the early stages of development and only available for Windows.

Midorea: The Valhyr is an upcoming adventure game that takes place in the massive fantasy world of Midorea. The story follows Yaelsun as he pieces together events surrounding the disappearance of a Naquirfan priest, Roiqer (pictured, top), and a rare artifact from his ship.

The Valhyr will feature both visual novel and adventure game aspects, including casual flirting and puzzles related to the world's magic. You'll be able to explore the city of Geinoras, interacting with characters and objects along the way as you uncover the deeper mysteries of the city.


Midorea-The-Valhyr_1.0.1.zip 65 MB


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I really loved this back when I played it abit ago ,I hope you are doing well during this stressful time in the world and I hope to someday see how this story ends even if just a story you write and put up somewhere to read.


is this still being made


I'm a huge fan of your original game, Midorea. It's a level up to that game. :D

Love the look of it and interface design. I have some doubts that the scrolling effect couId get tiresome after a while, but it gives a fpp feeling to the game.

Is there any sound in the demo, it was quiet for me? Good luck developing :)


Hey solfar, the demo doesn't have any sound. We're currently working with a musician to create some original music which we'll add in a later update.

Thanks for the feedback!